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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  July 19, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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>> we have a look at your morning commute. but first, let's check in with chuck bell and sheena parveen. so comfortable out from. did you enjoy it yesterday? >> i took the dogs for two different uslks. >> i wanted to be outside. i did the same thing. >> bella and kim would get along well with lou. >> they would. it was kind of cool this forning. >> the good kindcool. not the bad kind of cool. the kind you don't have to pay for in the that's fre conditioning from mother nature. and tomorrow lmmorning,t as comfortable, as well. enjoy the next 48 to 24 hours, wait until you see the changes coming f weekend. 62 in fairfax. 67 in prince george's county. itan will be astic day to be outside. a light, northeast breeze will keep temperatures just a tick below average.
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our average is 89 degrees. it will be 87 around the washington area. loving it today, no compliants tomorrow. sheena has more coming up on the weekend. for now, let's get over to melissa. >> looking at the roads right now. a couple officia things on the beltway. capital heights, out loop, two light lanes getting by there. bethesda, outer op. two left lanes getting by. and eastbound 7, to southbound 28, bloping the ram there. 270, down to maryland. on time, going to take you 28 minutes. >> thank you. we're following a developing story in montgomery county,le where two peere killed on the train tracks. >> this happened in germannnwn,
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between 's lake and gunner's frank park. the train tracksd are h to release and they're tryin oto fi why they were there. new details in the murder of her 10-year-old. she went out for ice cream and never came back. she described the moment she heard the gunshot. >> you hear shots all the time. but these were notal norm. they were something i. hasn't ever in my life scene. >> she ran outside and saw both her daughters had been shot. er baby had been hit in the chest. she was struggling to breath and clutching her money for the
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truck. as she laywas laying, he tried comfort her >> funeral will be next week. d.c. police are aggressively .earching for the four gunm yesterday, they located the car believed to be involved in the shooting. 4:03 right now. a spike in drug overdoses has d.c. responders and asking for yourhelp. 11 people were ahead of theen right now. since saturday, more than 100 overdose patients w teen to the hospital. responders received 105 overdose calls for the entire month. a bad batch of synthetic mariana ork2, is to blame. >> if you see people falling
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down, cal 911. >> overdoses are happening across the district, not just in a single neighborhood. it's 4:04. breaking newsut of california. there's been ast tencture collapse. what happened? >> at 40 at least 22pl p been injured. blackhawk helicopter was trying to hand where the power of its tatorlew over that land structure. there's no fatalities. >> chris, thank you. > metro's largest union says deal.working on making a they met for the seventh day in
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a row.un i union members have authorized the wsstrike. was first to tell you with problems of concre along the silver line. there's indication that the problem may not be as bad as first feared. the wrong type of phone was used in the project. half of the tests are back on the faulty concrete panels. new developments about the u.s. elections. president trump wasirst told that vladimir putin ordered the hacking in january 2017 just days ago, president trump said he believed putin when he said russia had nothing to do
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with the hacking. those are words the presidentlk back saying he misspoke. once again, he said that he does accept support that russia meddled in the 2016 election. >>ol you him personally responsible? >> i would. he is in charge of the untry. just like i feel responsible for things that happen to this country. as leader of the country, you have to hold him the responsible. >> president trump is able to sit for an interview with robert mueller. he obtained that the probe is a vicious witchhunt. there's been no phone call or nothing. i call it a witch hunt.
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it's the vicious witch hunt. and it's very bad for our country. we have details about the woman who was trying to be a secretma agent. ia butina was part of a campaign to influence politics. the 29-year-old completed not guilty. th judge denied her bond saying she was a flight risk. >> now, the story you find first on 4. the school resource officer who filed his weapon back on duty. ey charged him with unlawful use of afirearm. he was allowed to play glty to the property charge. he shot causing damage but no
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injury. he has to d community service and pay restitution for if damage.> he prince george's county counsel is coming out against proposed changes of the porkway. he wants to take corral of that road. it would add to the parkway. last year, the park service agreed to consider the transfer. 4:08. and ford the issuing a recall over rollaway concerns. this involves fusions and escape. .t covers models between 2013 and 20 if you have up with of the cars be sure to useou parking break until a dealer sees your car.
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14 groups thatbi l for car manufacturers and their counterpart s will have to testify on c hill. it would address the tariffs on cars. wayne rooney coming tois d. ot the only soccer headline in the area. >> right now, we're less than a year from a professional soccer seem that will call northern virginia home. thunvealed the low xwoe. they will play it is expected to hold 5,000 fans and inc de a training facility. wehall see that debut next spring. happening today i san diego, comic book fans from all over the world will kick off
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comic-con. that convention runs through sunday. >> people don't just come to see the celebrities. they come to see the celebrities all dressed up. >> i want to go. >> you have to go. >> you have your star trek costume ready to go. >> that's a uniform. >> sorry. >> still ahead, another reasonl to t your teens to put the phone down. >> thewe link b screen time and attention span. plus, shocking video. a popular vacation destination, overcome by waves of trash. >> you forgot to put the air quotes around your uniform. it's not a uniform, aaron. dress-up.aying not an actual military. rain chances for the weekend are rain chances for the weekend are on the
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> that is the ocean trying to make wavesf under alle trash. this video was shot in the dominican republic. >> horrible. >> the ocean made this video for a cln-up project and has a plan to contain 30 tons in the water there. >> look how far it goes. what a big mess. it wil take a lot of effort to clean that up. i hope they do it. >> fire crews in oregon say they're making good progress against a fire that spread 18
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miles in two hours. >> it started85 miles east of portland. the government has mobiled firefighters from across the state contain the flames. noha injuries or d been reported. we're working for youral this morning. and federal officials are tryg toigure out why many and more people are dying from delivlive dancer the district lead toatio nation. obesit obesity, smoking and drinking too much. >> i tell my patients, no more than one drink in a setting and no more than two drinks in a setting. >> doctors say millennials are
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drinking more than the previous situation. it's 4:15. this is another reason to tell your teenagers to put down the cell phon. a new cl tone act contributes to the activitydisorder. teens that were heavy users of smartphones, were unable to focus elsewhere. on average, teenagers spend nearly nine hours a day on some formf digital media. i've been reading articles, one of the best ways to get your kids to put down the screens is to put it down yourself. set thexale. we're learning details in the incredible cave cress cue in ailand. >> the 12 boys and the soccer coach were all released from the hospital yesterday. and the families were overjoyed
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here. the families smoke about their ordeal for the first time. the youngest, who is 11 years old, said heriedot to think about food. they licked water off of the walls the cave ttay alive. and they conserved batteries in the flashlights. they were t trapped for days before discovered by two british divers. >> it is amazing to see how happy they look. >> they look happy. >> and the woman is beaming. one mom was kissing her son. now, to a riveting moment in tv history. >> manyeople may still remember this. take a look. >> this is really spectacular.ed >> b on what you've seen, what do you think the damage so be the. >> this was on the indianapolis
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nbc affiliate station 5:00 news. 32 years ago this week, it was the first helicopter pass foota a volcano. >> i don'temember that >> you can imagine, the school of meteorologist in oklahoma, all the rage. no one had thought about watching a helicopter pilot. the helicopter pilot got in trouble for putting up the faa. andelicopters are sensible to things going through the bladesn he was a lot of trouble for that. since then, having been on-camera in oklahoma city, as
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we. >> we can shoot from miles ouaw. >> yus look at how dan it looks like. >> no thanks. not in the helicopter. i tend to be more ground-brmed, as s chasing goes. around our fair city this rning. we have a zero% chance of in. that goes for today and for tomorrow. enjoy it, everybody. the humidity vacation that moved in, we keep that for today and tomorrow, as well. this little storm right here will pinwheel its way east. this o off ofhe coast, that's is a huge ridge of high pressure. it's a little farther to the north of bermuda and it will be a blockineather pattern.
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starting on saturday, the rain chances are back in the forecast. and we're leaving them in there st until that pattern eaks down. that could be saturday, sunday, and a the way until next week. temperatures are in the 60s in most of w thetern suburbs. just a flawless day to be everyts all good for today and tomorrow. a 50% chance for rain on saturday. and high rain chance plus next wel . we'll wilhave the ten-day coming up. >> outer loom, if you'rer ridi in yconvertible. two left lanes are getting by
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capital heights. outer loop is moving with two right lanes. thet res the lane looks pretty good. >> the ramp, 270 is looking okay. it's being diverd on to potomac avenue. we'll talk more about that coming up aaron? >> melissa, thank you. travel can be fun, packing, iat's another story. >> it can be worse you're not using the right luggage. coming up, we hav thee bse
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dunkin' donuts you will be able to grab a beer-flavored coffee.c thpany is teaming up with harpoon bre lry tonch the dunkin' coffee porter. >> a beer-flavored coffee that will have caffeine not alcohol. >> is that the thing? >> beer-flavored coffee. if you're taking a trip this summer, you will need the right luggage. >> what is best for you? >> it rolls all the way around. >> enough space. >> zippers. >> your biggest decision, should you get soft-sided or hard? hard-sided luggage can be durable and light.
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aluminum luggage is the most durable but heavier. >> they are also good for fragile you're guaranteed a no-bulge fit. there are drawbacks, taking up the place of softtc ses when packing. soft flexible can compress into overhead pins. extra pockets mea more organize eepd packing. >>ter: even the right luggage won't make travel stress-free. but it can take somf.of the edge they say pay attention to the wheels. suitcases with four wheels are more ergonomic. >> we were talking about four whee wheels compared to two wheels. >> yes.
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it seems likeost travelers prefer soft luggage. sharing t stage. the award of >> both: let given to dozens of women. the award at the espys you'll hear today. >> you will feel the comfortable weather outside. demperatures on the cool especially for some of our suburbs. some sun glare on the you wake up and walk out the door. low humidity and temperatures in the 70s. wait until you see the weekend forecast. we'll tell you what you can expect first, coming. plus, a bizarre wht to fig back. the disagreementhat led to a bus driver dropping his pants. >> and a fiery stunt goes wrong on national tv. the "america's got talent"or perfe people can't sncto
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"news 4 today" starts now. >> it is 4:30, just about. and if you need some extra motivation to get moving this morning, take a look at this. this is -- that's not going to do anything for you. that's the front of ouril
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ng. that's not the picture we were trying to show you. let's move on. >> it might motivate you. >> the t's not ang in that picture at all. >> it says nbc iversal. >> 4:30. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> looks like work. ng we define motivation into little tin life. like your smile. your presence. good morning. thanks for joining us. melissa is here. she is motivating us with her awesome traffic come on, aaron. yes. come on. >> how about the weather? >> y we can find something about that picture that is motivated. in you d need yardwork? >> i can't see. it's dark out. >> i have to start looking for an edible hat. aaron took a beating for not eating the


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